200 W Photovoltaic system

200 W Photovoltaic system

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Solar Charger LS0512R

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LS 0512R solar controller is designed to be used in photovoltaic systems, street lighting, as well as low power independent systems. The controller uses an algorithm of high efficiency charging PWM type which extendes the life span of the battery and improves the performance of the photovoltaic system. The controller is built in MOSFET technology and does not use a classic switch for coupling and uncoupling the load. It is equipped with protection from overheating, overload, overcharging and short circuit. Can be used with any photovoltaic panel and any type of battery (liquid electrolyte, AGM, Gel).

Nominal battery voltage 12 V
Night lighting range Programable 1 – 15 hours
Maximum charging load 5 A
Maximum load current 5 A
Protection class IP 30
Working temperature -35° C … +55° C
Dimensions 97 x 66 x 25 mm
Weight approx. 0.2 kg

Main functions:

  • Automatic battery voltage detection
  • Battery staged charging
  • Battery overdischarge protection
  • Protection against reverse connection of consumers, panels and battery
  • Automatic electronic short circuit protection
  • Overload protection
  • Battery overload protection
  • Day/night autodetection
  • Digital menu with a single key and LED display
  • Programmable night lighting 1-15 hours


  • photovoltaic lighting systems
  • small customers DC feeding
  • command and control equipment feeding
  • perimetral and street lighting systems
  • road and maritime signaling systems
  • beacon systems

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