Photovoltaic Module 150 Wp
model SW 100 RIB poli

Photovoltaic Module 150 Wp<br>model SW 100 RIB poli

602,14 Lei 492,66 Lei


Photovoltaic Module 250 Wp
model SW 250 poli

1,231.65 LEI 985.32 LEI
(cu TVA)
Add to cart Product is available in stoc [cantitate: 9] Warranty: 120 months Producator: SolarWorld AG


  • Robust Design: Module withstands up to 5.400 Pa (snow) / 4.000 Pa (>210 km/h) Wind loads,
  • 31 mm aluminum alloy frame
  • Anti-PID: Modules are qualified to withstand PID related degradation
  • Guaranteed Quality: 12 Year Workmanship and 25 Years linear Performance Warranty
  • Predictable Output: Positive Power Sorting of 0 to +5 Watt
  • Innovative Solution: Anti-Reflection Glass with Self-Clean hydrophobic Layer
  • manufactured in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 - certified factory
  • Harsh Environment: Verified against Salt Mist and Ammonia Corrosion (IEC 61701 and IEC 62716)
  • Weak Light: Excellent Performance even under low Irradiation
  • Applications: commercial and residential grid on systems, water purification systems, remote village lighting, solar home systems, street and camp lights, traffic signals, medical facilities in remote areas, microwave/radio repeater stations, battery charging


Peak power Pmax [Wp] 250
Tolerance ±2
Max. power current Imp [A] 8.27
Max. power voltage Vmp [V] 30.5
Short circuit current Isc [A] 8.81
Open circuit voltage Voc [V] 37.6
Temperature co-efficient for Pmax [%/°C] -0.41
Temperature co-efficient for Voc [%/°C] -0.31
Temperature co-efficient for Isc [%/°C] 0.051
Max. system voltage [V] 1000
Dimension [mm] 1675×1001×31
Weight [kg] 21.2

Output warranty of Pmin 90%: 10 years

Output warranty of Pmin 80%: 25 years

For more detailed information please read the Product Datasheet

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